cordy ryman


Born 1971 in New York City, USA

lives and works in New York City, USA

‘I work in two basic modes - one when I’m simply working in the studio without a specific process in mind. The process dictates its own direction and evolution. My goal is to create work that has its own life. Sometimes I refer back to other pieces or ideas and sometimes I refer to the materiality of the ingredients I use. The second mode in which I work is more architectural and sometimes site specific in nature. When working in this way, I am either working with a specific space (specific homes or gallery etc) in mind or a more generic space like the corner of a room. I often use photos and measurements of a space as a reference. I respond to the unique aspects of a space (in 3d) much as I would respond to unique elements on a 2d plane when painting…The space itself becomes like the canvas – and I go with what is there and make something happen.

For me art is a living thing and almost grows like weeds to occupy whatever space is at hand (using weeds in the most positive sense mind you). I don’t see abstraction as rigid but rather as organic and free flowing. I see my work as having an expressive, playful and self referential aspect to it. I’m aware that I am playing with and manipulating an inherited language and in some sense, defining myself in relation to it.’