The changing state, the uncontrollable and the momentary are all conditions that are central to the experience of life and of the world. My work revolves around these conditions, both in relation to great philosophical understandings and in concrete situations. Either through the epistemological focus or the concrete changes nature and climate provide.

I wish to create works that relate to our understanding of ourselves and to the world as it presents itself for us – as living people we're always in a process of shaping ourselves, and therefore in constant change.  The uncontrollable is a tool I use consciously to create works where it is the material’s physical properties that call forth the living and immediate in the work.


By working with pure materials such as hare skin glue, raw canvas and elements that change directly on the canvas, or in work with processes of change in nature such as rain, I address these great philosophical concepts. With my work, I seek to create an object – a concretization of change rather than a mediation of a story, a reproduction. This feel of presence and authenticity is important for the relation between work and viewer – object and subject – in that the works testify a change, and maybe it is even still in the process of changing itself. The authenticity is expressed by creating the work through a process that happens directly on the canvas. It is thus not reproduced as a mediated understanding of reality - it is reality. 

I often work in series in which the works look alike or are related to one another. the dogma for the series are that the work process is the same and that I use specific materials but the pieces themselves are unique. The work is change.

/ Aske Sigurd Kraul