thomas bang


Thomas Bang (1938) lives and works near Copenhagen. He is undeniably one of the major contributors to sculpture and installation art in Denmark, influencing several generations of practitioners and drawing considerable attention from both national and international institutions. Bang’s works appear as existential dramas and absurd perceptions that serve as merciless wedges of dissonance in our eternal quest to create harmony between ourselves and the surrounding reality.


Thomas Bang has throughout his career dealt with issues of fragility and vulnerability as physical as well as psychological states. The focus of the work is on creating a field of operations where alterations of (apparent) initial intentions and meaning are gradually developed in the work process and incongruous circumstances are incorporated in an ongoing process of attempting to investigate and reflect the unstable and provisional aspects of our human environment. 


He has recently participated in a restaging of the historically important exhibition “When Attitudes Become Form, Bern 1969 / Venice 2013” at Fondazione Prada. Bang has participated in a wide range of exhibitions in the US, Germany and Denmark, and he is represented in numerous national and international collections in Europe and USA. Thomas Bang has received his education at The Cleveland Institute of Art, Yale University and The University of Southern California.

Has been exhibited through Stalke Gallery from 1988 on many solo and groups shows.