nils erik gjerdevik


Nils Erik Gjerdevik was born in Oslo in 1962. He lives and works in Copenhagen. Gjerdevik attended H.C. Høier´s School of Painting (1982–83) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1984). Over the years, Gjerdevik has been commissioned by institutions like the University of Copenhagen, Amager (2002) and the Opera House in Copenhagen (2004). In 2001, he became a member of Den Frie Center for Contemporary Art, and he was awarded the Eckersberg Medal in 2002.

Nils Erik Gjerdevik holds a unique position in the Danish art world. He makes paintings, sculptures and drawings – and he constantly challenges these media. For almost three decades, Gjerdevik has been the personification of innovation and that is one of the reasons why his art, among other things, has been a source of inspiration for a lot of contemporary artists.

His body of work is both extensive and multi-faceted. It contains elements from several “-isms”, like the abstract formal, but also from architectural form language. Cartoon-like elements meet science fiction, and ornaments and arabesques exist side by side with whirling spirals and tortuous patterns. The result is varied, colourful and brilliant.

Nils Erik Gjerdevik Has several  solo exhibitions through Stalke Galleri in the periode from 1995 to 2005