kaj nyborg


Kaj Nyborg has a background in the field of painting and drawing, but he also works with photography and sculpture. Over the last 15 years he has mainly been working , with site specific installations and installational works.

Excerts from a text by mag. Art and curator Morten Søndergaard ……Kaj Nyborg punctures space. Through his strategic interventions into our expectations, the deeply rooted meanings ooze out through apertures and fissures, and what emerges is a new situation. From here, new meanings come to light in a roundabout way, as part of an extremely conceptual process.

In Kaj Nyborg’s works, there is almost always an ongoing play between space, body and brain. This game is activated through the construction of a sequence of spaces, which draw attention to unconscious layers that are all active in our mode of being conscious about certain functions or meanings in space, even if we might not be aware that this is the case. What is going on here is way of rendering space visible inside the space that first emerges when you have arrived at a point that marks a transition between a “normal” everyday consciousness and the unconscious layers – a point that could be designated as “judgement’s space”……

Kaj Nyborg has been exhibited through Stalke Galleri the last 20 years.