hans peterson


Hans Peterson explores identification by combining figurative and abstract elements. Dispersed on the canvases one recognises a house or a human figure, while other areas remain undefined, coloured shapes. The recognisable objects are often borrowed from other sources, such as scantily clad amazons from kitsch cartoon books, where Peterson changes the context and thus displaces identity.

Thus Peterson examines our perception of identity, and questions the self-assured judgement of what one sees. He takes motifs from gothic stories à la Edgar Allan Poe andSherlock Holmes or the adventure world of cartoon books. These fascinating universes are pulled intoPetersons explorations of how recognition and identity are determined when he gives these figures a new context, new surroundings that question their identity by concealing their origins. Peterson uses the characters stereotypes to investigate identity, and removes the security of identification, breaking down an apparently simple world perception and showing that it is a fragile, constructed universe.

Hans peterson has been exhibited by the gallery from 1995