anna barbara husar

Born 1975 in Feldkirch (Austria), Barbara Anna Husar lives and works in Vienna and in Nuweiba (Egypt)

Through stamps and photographs, the Austrian artist tells the story of her mystical and artistic experience in the Sinai desert (the dust jacket is hand-painted by the artist).

How can one explain Barbara Anna Husar's, an Austrian artist, fascination for deserts, sheperdesses, goats and their umbilical cords ? her life in the Sinaï where she regularly goes since the last 20 years, and meets the flock caretakers, bedouin women in black. Is it about, as the great adventurers Alexandra David-Néel or Isabelle Eberhart, an ethnologic, sociologic, zoologic or shamanic quest ? Herself owner of a little livestock, left to the Bedouin's care, she withdraws her goat's umbilical cords, which she considers as communication vectors, in order to “connect herself to the universe”. Through her performances, films, photos, sculptures, paintings and drawing, Barbara Anna Husar, a thrilling personnality of the Vienna artistic scene, is continually transmiting the energy of life.

Barbara has been exhibited by the galleri several times from 2007, in group shows.